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Ōkami Ken
Ōkami Ken as depicted by yunnicorn
Japanese okm_ 剣 (ōkami Ken)
Gender Unspecified
Origin Indonesia
Born July 1[citation needed]
Status Active
Years active 2014-present
YT channel


Ōkami Ken or okm_剣 is an Indonesian Youtaite known for their unique vocal range with covers usually under the male Baritone to the female Mezzo Soprano scale, thus they may be considered as a ryouseirui. They are also known for creating various collaborations and choruses with the Indonesian Youtaite Community and thus one of its most active members as of date.

Their most popular upload in their channel as of 2017 is a collaboration of Halyosy's「Paintër」※ Printing A New World which has garnered a total amount of 11K Youtube views.

They are also fairly active in their Soundcloud.

List of Covered Songs (YouTube)Edit

Choruses and Other AffiliationsEdit

  1. member of 【nyanyi bareng】
  2. member of somnus.
  3. member of 『島根』
  4. member of The Velvet Room

Chorus Battle Entries Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Ken's birthday is on July 1st (07/01).
  • Ken's favorite type of songs includes rock, melodic metal, and acoustic among others.
  • Ken uses Samson Meteor and Reaper DAW to make covers.
  • Ken is the official host of IDCB (Indonesian Chorus Battle), IDTB (Indonesian Trio Battle), and IDRL (Indonesian Raw & Live Showcase)