Ōkami Ken
Japanese okm_ 剣 (Okami Ken)
Gender Unspecified
Origin Indonesia
Born July 1[citation needed]
Status Active
Years active 2014-present
YT channel


Ōkami Ken or okm_剣 is a fairly new Indonesian Youtaite known for their unique vocal range with covers usually under the male Baritone to the female Mezzo Soprano scale, thus they may be considered as a ryouseirui. They are also known for creating various collaborations and choruses with the Indonesian Youtaite Community and thus one of its most active members as of date.

Their most popular upload in their channel as of 2016 is a collaboration of Halyosy's「Paintër」※ Printing A New World which has garnered a total amount of 7K Youtube views.

Their first cover in YouTube was a cover under another name Sora for a duet with Char, the ED of Free! Eternal Summer, "Future Fish"

They are also fairly active in their Soundcloud.

List of Covered Songs (YouTube)Edit

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  1. ("Unravel" from Tokyo Ghoul October 16th, 2014
  2. "Guren no Yumiya" from Attack on TitanOctober 25th, 2014
  3. "Just Awake" by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas October 29th, 2014
  4. "裏切りの夕焼け" from Durarara! October 30th, 2014
  5. "Rising Hope" by LiSA November 12th, 2014
  6. "Fantastic Tune" by Ono KenshoDecember 3rd, 2014
  7. "テレカクシ思春期" by HoneyWorks December 4th, 2014
  8. "Passion" by Utada HikaruDecember 6th, 2014
  9. "心做し" by 蝶々P December 16th, 2014
  10. "第一次ジブン戦争" by HoneyWorks December 20th, 2014
  11. "aLIEz" from Aldnoah ZeroDecember 22nd, 2014
  12. "You Were Here" by BUMP OF CHICKEN December 24th, 2014
  13. "Hope" by Yuyoyuppe-P January 11th, 2015
  14. "サリシノハラ" by Mikito-PFebuary 11th, 2015
  15. "Soundless Voice" by Hitoshizuku-P March 2nd, 2015
  16. "四季折の羽" by ひとしずくP x やま△March 7th, 2015
  17. "変わらないもの" by Hanako Oku March 18th, 2015
  18. "骸Attack!!" by Utsu-P March 23rd, 2015
  19. "Amrita" by Yui Makino March 30th, 2015
  20. "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa April 11th, 2015

Collaboration [ Duets/ Trios/ Quartets/ Choruses ]Edit

  1. "GGRKS!"  |  Siderea x okm_ 剣
  2. "PONPONPON"   | Klare featuring Mikan  and okm_ 剣
  3. "Kanashimi no Nami ni Oboreru" | may☆ko x okm_ 剣
  4. "Kimi To Pocky Game" | ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ x okm_剣
  5. "Ikanaide" | Natan x okm_剣
  6. "Hoshi no Uta" | Desol x okm_剣
  7. "Crybaby Boyfriend" | Sky x okm_剣
  8. "Leia" | Xillia x okm_剣
  9. "Face Down" | Kurai x okm_剣
  10. "Onaji Vanilla no Kaze no Naka" | Kimoi x okm_剣
  11. "Glow" | Ibeh x okm_剣
  12. "Kanashimi no Nami ni Oboreru" | Ibehx okm_剣
  13. "vivi" by Kenshi Yonezu | Kimoi x okm_剣
  14. "え?あぁ、そう。" by Chouchou-P | Kimoi x okm_剣
  15. "From Y to Y" by JimmyThumbP | れんじ x okm_剣
  16. "ホワイトデーキッス" by Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 | じゅう x t_リズイ x れんじ x okm_剣

Trivia Edit

  • His birthday is on July 1st (07/01).
  • His motto is, "Sing, Draw, Play, Live, and you shall not die."
  • His wolf ears pops out whenever he's overly excited.
  • His persona is a white wolf, which was taken from his last name, Ōkami.
  • If you want to draw him, here's a LINK for Persona reference.
  • He likes to joke and laugh, and is considered lively among his community.
  • He likes to add "-cchi" instead or "-chan" or "-san".
  • He is always doubted for his gender, and he don't mind.
  • He is currently in University, taking Illustration Design as a major.
  • He spends his free time playing basketball and playing guitar.
  • He was a screamo vocalist in real life, but stopped 3 years ago and only screams in some of his covered songs nowadays.
  • Despite being in an Art college, his drawing can be considered bad.
  • If you want to know his range, listen to his covers and don't ask him personally, he barely knows what it is.
  • The bell on his neck is meant for a warning for his friends whenever he is running towards them.
  • He is generally open for collaborations, projects, and requests. PM him on his YouTube , Soundcloud, or Twitter.

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