エミ(笑) as depicted by Rain
Japanese エミ(笑) (Emi)
Gender Female
Origin USA
Age 16
Status Active
Years active 2011-present
NND sites NND user page
YT channel


Other activities Cosplay

エミ(笑)(otherwise known as Emi) is a YouTube singer known for her soft, high-pitched voice. Her first cover was uploaded on October 30 2011 but has since been set to private. She was introduced to the community by her friend Haruhi (YT orenjidesuyo), who has since continued to be a collab partner.

List of Covered Songs Edit

Old covers that are now private or deleted are not listed.

  1. "In a Rainy Town, Balloons Dance With Devils-Music Box ver." (11.08.2012)
  2. "Hokorobi" (8.05.2013)
  3. "DoReMiFa Rondo" (8.05.2013)
  4. "Servant of Evil -classical ver.-" (10.31.2013)
  5. "妄想税" (11.17.2013)
  6. "十面相" (12.23.2013)
  7. "LOLOLOL" (2.04.2014)
  8. "City Lights" (3.31.2014)
  9. "ぶれないアイで" (9.27.2014)
  10. "unravel -dj jo remix-" (11.04.2014)
  11. "Pure Girls Project" (1.12.2015)
  12. "今好きになる。" (2.04.2015)
  13. "Love Trial" (2.14.2015)
  14. "だんだん早くなる" (2.27.2015)
  15. "Neoteny Love" (3.28.2015)
  16. "だんだん高くなる" (4.11.2015)
  17. "二息歩行" (4.19.2015)
  18. "Super Nuko World" (4.30.2015)
  19. "コトバのうた" ft. エミ(笑) and ふわりん (5.27.2015)
  20. "サイノウサンプラー" (6.26.2015)
  21. "1, 2, Fanclub" (9.04.2015)
  22. "あの子な幸せが" (10.28.2015)
  23. "lllトゥルティンアンテナlll" (12.21.2015)
  24. "はなまるぴっぴはよいこだけ" (1.04.2016)

Gallery Edit

Emi real life
as posted on twitter.
Emi snow halation
by rain

External Links Edit

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