Acchan's icon on YouTube
English Acchan (アチャン)
Also known as AcchanBoo
Gender Female
Origin Spain
Age 16
Status Active
Years active 2010 - 2014 (AngieChanChannel)

2016 - present (Acchan)

YT channel


Acchan (アチャン), is a female Youtaite who began posting covers on January 10th, 2016. She had a big hiatus due personal problems, but she's really active on her social netwoks.

She sings in Japanese most of the time, but she also likes to sing in Spanish (which is her mother tongue) and English. She's friendly and kindhearted, but since her personality is pretty strong, she might sound rude sometimes.

Acchan began posting videos in YouTube in 2010 under the name of AngieChanChannel, but her account was deactivated by YouTube around 2014. She used to post a capella covers, imitations of anime characters and speedpaintings.

List of covered songs Edit

  1. Mozaik Role Solo Cover
  2. Heartache Solo Cover
  3. Snowstorm Solo Cover
  4. paranoia Duet
  5. Soldier Game Solo Cover
  6. Kyun! Vampire Girl Solo Cover

Trivia Edit

  • Her favourite colours are purple and black.
  • She sings, but she also has other hobbies like cosplaying and drawing.
  • Her favourite Vocaloids are Aoki Lapis and Megpoid Gumi.
  • Her favourite band is ONE OK ROCK and her favourite solist is Aimer.
  • She loves Boos (Mario Bros Ghost).
  • Her favourite games are Pokémon, Professor Layton, Acce Attorney and Animal Crossing.
  • Her most viewed video on YouTube is Mozaik Role, wich is also the most liked one.

External Links Edit

  • Twitter [1]
  • Cosplay Instagram [2]
  • Art Instagram [3]
  • Personal Instagram [4]
  • Cosplay DeviantArt [5]
  • DeviantArt [6]