Aerie as depicted by lulupantsu
Gender Female
Origin USA
Status Active
Years active 2011-present
YT channel


Collab partner(s) 昨夜, Cara, Lili
Other activities mixing, harmony guides
A sample of a cover song by 𝓪erie
"聆紗の子守唄 ~ whisper ~", composed by けん中川

aerie (stylized 𝓪erie)  is an American YouTube singer with a delicate, warm voice. She sings primarily in Japanese, but is known to sing in various constructed languages as well. Her first upload was in April of 2009, however she did not debut in the community until July 3rd 2011 with her cover of "Magnet."  

She is known for layering her covers with multiple interweaving harmonies, and often creates choruses of neoclassical songs. 

She was previously known under the alias Aerify.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. 神の愛した女 (with 昨夜)
  2. 聆紗の子守唄 ~ whisper ~ (10.15.2016)
  3. violet evergarden (8.26.2016)
  4. synchronicity:君を捜す空 (3.8.2016)
  5. 雨の庭 (12.24.2014.)
  6. magician's operation (5.25.2014)
  7. royals (11.3.2013)
  8. i=nightmare (10.31.2013)
  9. ジッタードール (4.27.2013)


aerie as depicted by lulupantsu


  • is a big fan of the Ar Tonelico & Surge Concert series.
  • is known for singing in constructed languages.
  • is fond of learning constructed languages, and has occasionally tweeted in hymmnos.[1]  
  • Can read tarot.[2]
  • She is mixed race. [3]

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