Ashaki as seen in her cover of Deep Sea Girl
Illust. by Ashaki
Also known as Asha
Gender Female
Origin Guyana
Born 1998 [citation needed]
Status Active
Years active 2011-present
YT channel


Other activities Artist (
Asha Toluthin Antenna English cover03:44

Asha Toluthin Antenna English cover

Toluthin Antenna, Lyrics By JubyPhonics

Ashaki (also called "Asha") is a youtaite from Guyana, South America who has been in the community since 2011. She however, rarely uploads covers, hence Asha is not very popular even though she has been around for so long. Her range seems varying as she is heard singing high songs and fairly low ones. Ashaki is also an artist.

Asha's character is usually depicted as a dark skinned girl with short blue hair and blue eyes. 

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

(ADB) Unfaithful Wives [1] [2]

(TenjiGoku Chorus Battle) Prσρrιetά Prιναtα [3] [4]

(LCWCB) CaelestraHoshiyo [5]

(KCEDB R1) Ashaki x Kaname [6]

(MMDG14-R1) 🍰ᎶâᏆᎬᎪux ᎠᎬ ᏞᎥᏞᎽ ❀ [7]

List of Covered SongsEdit

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