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"Asunya" (Channel title)

Asunya (Korianna) has a bouncy-like, girly voice. Yet, also shows a mature voice as well. She can sing as low as it can go, and as high as she wants, by her head voice. It is because she has a voice acting type voice when she sings. She mainly sings in English but not in Japanese because she fully thinks she's not great enough to encounter that beyond subject.

Art by Neketti

She talks in a teenager/professional way to her friends and fans sometimes.

Her favorite Youtaites is MikuTan, Amanda Lee and Rachie. She loves MikuTan's mature voice, and wishes to mange that type as well.

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English AsunaTea
Alias Asunya, Korianna (Username)
Gender Female
Birthday 25 October
Voice Range Soprano-alto
Status Active
Years Active 2013 - Present
YT Channel Asunya "Korianna"

Trivia Edit

  • Started on September 30, 2013
  • Loves singing in English
  • She loves Asuna Yuuki & Miku Hatsune
  • She doesn't have a computer 24/7
  • Her favorite English voice writer is JubyPhonic, and Razzy
  • Wants to be a japanese cosplay model
  • She is 19 years old (currently)

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