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Japanese Eihwaz (アイワズ)
Gender Female
Origin France
Born April 19[citation needed]
Status Active
Years active 2015- present
Collab partner(s) Heirakurei, Amarillys and Haardo
A sample of a cover song by Ayu
"Mimikyu no uta", composed by COMPOSER

Eihwaz (アイワズ) formerly Ayu (あゆ) is a Youtaite as well as an Utaite. She has a soft and calm voice and is a member of the Guilty Chorus (French community).

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Koizora Youhou" (28.01.2015)
  2. "Tokyo Retro" (04.02.2015)
  3. "Youkai taisou Daichi" with AngelThea (04.02.2015)
  4. "Kiseki" Private (01.03.2015)
  5. "Dan dan hayaku naru" Private (28.01.2015)
  6. "Kotonoha no clinic" Private (03.04.2015)
  7. "Dan dan takaku naru" Private (12.04.2015)
  8. "Takaramono (Ojamajo Doremi)" (05.05.2015)
  9. "Ikanaide" French version (04.06.2015)
  10. "Kokuhaku youkou renshuu" Nico Nico (05.06.2015)
  11. "Dog day afternoon" with AngelThea, Makise and Melo (12.06.2015)
  12. "Ton ton mae (vers. Pikachu)" with Heirakurei (09.07.2015)
  13. "Dai dai genome" (25.07.2015)
  14. "Yoru no yume" (05.08.2015)
  15. "Flower of sorrow" with Amarillys (19.08.2015)
  1. "Drop pop Candy" with Hiraga (02.10.2015)
  2. "Uso da yo ne" (14.10.2015)
  3. "Gemini" French version with Valshamr (14.10.2015)
  4. "Lavender Town" (01.11.2015)
  5. "Yokusoku no basho" with Kerri, Aoi, Makise, Esiane, Kanade, Eloi, Kagami and feat. Princessemagic (04.12.2015)
  6. "Promesse" french cover with Members of Guilty Chorus (24.12.2015)
  7. "Giniro Hikousen" (15.02.2016)
  8. "Sekai wo koi ni ochite iru" (02.07.2016)
  9. "Violet Evergarden" French version (28.08.2016)
  10. "Watashi no R" French version (01.11.2016)
  11. "Mimikyu no uta" (24.11.2016)
  12. "Mawaru usagi sora" (20.01.2017)
  13. "Natsu no kaze goraikouu" (06.04.2017)



  • She lives in Paris [source needed]
  • A big fan of the manga Hetalia, she says that Francis Bonnefoy is her husband (Russia too)[source needed]
  • She has Algerian origins from her mother.[source needed]
  • She does not have a favorite youtaite in the French community, but she is a fan of Sati Akura (russian youtaite).[source needed]
  • Her favorite utaite are Kano, Nayuta, Shounen-T, Nameless and Namirin.[source needed]
  • Her favorite vocaloids are Kaai Yuki and Oliver.[source needed]
  • Her favorite colors are green, purple and white.[source needed]
  • She has three cats named Maya, Lola and Lisa[source needed]

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