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Caity Cat
Caity Cat, represented by her FFXIV avatar
Also known as aspiesinger (Reddit)
Gender Female
Origin America
Age 26
Status Active
Years active 2017-present
YT channel


Collab partner(s) REO, Ikanaide
Other activities Animation, Translyric writing
A sample of a cover song by Caity Cat
"Don't Think Twice", composed by Utada Hikaru

Caity Cat is an American YouTube singer (youtaite) who is best known for her covers of songs from Final Fantasy XIV. She has close to a 4-octave vocal range[1], and has shown the ability to sing in multiple genres. She suffers from Dysautonomia and other chronic conditions, which cause her to have trouble making covers very often due to fatigue or feeling unwell.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Locus (Collab with instrumentalist, REO)
  2. Equilibrium (ROCK Version) (Collab with REO)
  3. Affiliated with Burnt Toast Records.

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. Breathe (31 Oct 2017)
  2. Tell Your World (English) (7 Nov 2017)
  3. Oblivion (16 Nov 2017)
  4. Locus (6 Dec 2017)
  5. Cybernetic (5 Jan 2018)
  6. Equilibrium (Rock Version) (11 Feb 2018)
  7. Don't Think Twice (17 Mar 2018)


A photo of Caity Cat, used
as her social media icon.


  • She is known to be on the Autism Spectrum.[2]
  • She has been in her current relationship for 10 years.[3]

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