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Chained Koe (Shortened to Koe) is a YouTube singer with a low and soft voice however he can also sing very high therefore making him a trap singer.

Koe sings Japanese and English covers of Anime and Vocaloid songs.  His first upload was on September 21, 2012 which was his first cover  "Lillum " from the Anime "Elfen Lied".  Koe's most known cover is "Servant of Evil".

Koe is good friends with Valerie and Viia, who run Vocal Connect Chorus, which he has sang "Ikanaide". He also is good friends with fellow Youtaite Reina. The two are good friends have known each other for years and they often interact on Twitter. Reina drew Koe's OC.

"There are invisible chains constricting my voice. However, only you can decide if you want to listen or not."
- Koe

Affiliations/Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Participates in Vocal Connect Chorus

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Lillum " (2012.09.21)
  2. "Namae No Nai Uta " (Nameless Song) (2014.09.24)
  3. "Lovelessxxx Piano Ver. " (2015.04.16)
  4. "Insanity " (2015.10.08)
  5. "Hirai Hirai " (2015.10.15)
  6. "Servant of Evil " (2016.01.27)
  7. "Regret Message " (2016.02.25)
  8. "Waterfall " (Undertale Song) (2016.03.20)
  9. "And I'm Home " (2016.04.24)
  10. "Jougen no Tsuki " (Crescent Moon) (2016.05.06)
  11. "Paper Moon " (2016.06.02)
  12. "Blessing Short Ver. " (2016.07.03)
  13. "Akahitoha " (2016.07.12)
  14. "Legend of Mermaid " (2016.07.12)
  15. "Lost One's Weeping English Ver. ." (2016.07.19)


  • He is the co-leader of Utaite Amino.
  • Koe also likes to draw people's OC's.
  • Koe is very kind to his Kōhai.
  • One of Koe's favourite covers is "Servant of Evil"
  • Koe plays games such as Love Live, Mystic Messenger, Pokemon Go and Danganronpa.
  • Koe enjoys listening to Utaites Nqrse
  • Koe and Reina have such good relationship that they are often shipped together by their friends.

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