Comish dark by lruu-da6f117
Dark as depicted by Ruu
Also known as Dark the Relentless
Gender Male
Origin USA
Age 23
Status Active
Years active 2013 - present
YT channel


Other activities Voice Acting, writing, translyrics
Dark, sometimes refereed to as The Relentless, is a male American Youtaite singer whom covers most of his songs in English. He is known for the wide range of voices he sings in, ranging from highish to very deep, random sense of humor sometimes seen in his videos and the short raps he throws into some of the songs he covers.

He occasionally organized English choruses with various other Youtaites. Dark mixes his own covers and sometimes writes his own translyrics.

Dark dabbles in several other activities, such as voice acting and story writing. He's also tried game streams and AMVs just to see how his audience would respond (The latter proving very popular as one of three AMVs he's made has reached over 5,000 views).

At times, Dark uploads parody songs pretending to be Grell from Black Butler(there's a story behind that, one which he would share if anyone asks him to.)

Unofficially, Dark premiered on March 31, 2013 with a "Matryoshka" duet with username QuietCanadian9(whom has taken down her channel).

Officially, Dark premiered nearly a month later on May 20 with a "Online Game Addicts" cover he used as an experiment with most of the different voices he can sing in.

His most popular cover is "Shinitagari", currently at over 2,500 views, which is pretty good considering he doesn't have a Twitter or anything of the sort outside Facebook.

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