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DragonReisen is a Youtube singer. Although he joined Youtube in 2008, he only began to post videos as of mid-2012. A large majority of his works consists of short covers of anime opening and ending themes but began branching out into Vocaloid music fairly recently. He also occasionally sings mainstream pop songs.

Reisen batch

OC Art by Ama-Natto

Name DragonReisen
Gender Male
Birthday February 22
Years Active 2012-Present
Also Known As Reisen, Raisin, Dragon, Megane Man


DragonReisen's voice is often described by others as manly but leaning toward the high side. His vocal range (F3-D5, Baritone) is neither very high nor very low, making choosing songs to sing sometimes a challenge,especially in the original key. Some of his friends label his speaking voice as semi-shota. DragonReisen has no prior experience in singing before becoming a Youtaite. Although he tries many different genres of music to cover, acoustic songs works the best with his voice.


Member of Chaos Coalition (for LCWCB2014)

Member of PolyChrome Chorus (for HDB2014)

Member of triune au lait☆彡(for TTB2014)

Member of the Cantillate Chorus

Semi-Member of Pandemonium

Member of YTChorus


He is half Japanese and part Chinese and lives in the US.

He is conversationally fluent in Japanese.

He is a University Student studying Engineering.

Although very shy and reserved at first, his personality is actually very lively and sometimes very random.

He plays the cello (7 years) and a little bit of guitar (~1 year).

He uses a Blue Yeti Microphone, Audacity and Adobe After Effects to make his covers.

He frequently does collabs with Annami and Hua.

His mixing coach is GrεεN and Rikkun.

List of Covered Vocaloid SongsEdit

WAVE (10-12-2014)

Packaged*Irony (ClariS x livetune Mashup) (09-20-2014)

calc. (English Piano Ver.) (08-31-2014)

"a vision" (for "#AVisionRevolution") (07-29-2014)

Muddy Cloud (English Ver.) (07-19-2014)

"post-script" (05-23-14)

Sayoko (05-21-14)

Melody in the Sky (05-17-2014)

Tomur (Oneshot) (03-28-2014)

Orange (Oneshot) (03-16-2014)

Pantsu Nugeru Mon! (03-13-2014)

Kotoba No Uta (03-06-2014)

Otsukimi Recital (02-28-2014)

Tokio Funka (02-19-2014)

From Y to Y (02-14-2014)

Dare Demo Ii Kara Tsukiaitai! (01-26-2014)

Yuragi (12-26-2013)

Abstract Nonsense (12-04-2013)

ReBoot (11-22-2013)

Kisaragi Attention (Acoustic Ver.) (10-19-2013)

Kagerou Days (10-11-2013)

Ai Kotoba (Acoustic Ver.) (10-05-2013)

ShaLaLa (10-01-2013)

Confession Rehearsal ~another story~ (09-28-2013) REMOVED FOR COPYRIGHT

Duet/Collab ProjectsEdit

God Knows (DragonReisen x Hua) (11-07-2014)

Bokura no Fortia (Chaos Coalition for LCWCB2014) (11-01-2014)

Hide and Seek (Kai_ x DragonReisen) (10-31-2014)

A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera's "Say Something" (KazumiDubs x DragonReisen) (10-31-2014)

Kotonoha Karma (Green x DragonReisen) (10-24-2014)

B.o.B. & Rivers Cuomo's "Magic" (DragonReisen x Kai_) (09-26-2014)

Erinyes (Chaos Coalition for LCWCB2014) (09-14-2014)

The Wolf that Fell in Love with Little Red Riding Hood (DragonReisen x Klare) (09-11-2014)

Cry (DragonReisen x Hua) (09-05-2014)

afterglow (Nao x DragonReisen) (08-31-2014)

GO!! (PolyChrome Chorus for HDB2014) (08-27-2014)

Aa, Subarashiki Nyansei! (DragonReisen x Aki) (08-25-2014)

Birthday Song for Anna (DragonReisen x Youtaites) (08-21-2014)

drop pop candy (English Ver.) (Hua x DragonReisen) (08-18-2014)

Just Be Friends Rap (DragonReisen x Aida) (08-11-2014)

drop pop candy (Aida x DragonReisen) (08-04-2014)

"I See the Light" (from Disney's Tangled) (Annami x DragonReisen) (07-25-2014)

Colors ~Melody and Harmony~ (PolyChrome Chorus for HDB2014) (07-20-2014)

Hysteria (English Ver.) (triune au lait☆彡 for TTB2014) (07-13-2014)

Simple Plan's "Summer Paradise" (DragonReisen x Jefferz) (06-14-2014)

VOCALO HOLIC (DragonReisen x Hua) (06-07-2014) REMOVED FOR COPYRIGHT

Onaji Hanashi (DragonReisen x Jenny) (05-30-2014)

ODDS&ENDS (DragonReisen x Jefferz) (04-14-2014)

Moonlight Symphonia (Hua x DragonReisen) (04-14-2014)

Aitai (Hua x DragonReisen) (03-08-2014)

Children Record (JubyPhonic ft. Boys & Girls Choir) (03-07-2014)

Vanilla Salt (Cami x DragonReisen) (03-07-2014)

Ton Ton Mae! (DragonReisen x Fukin) (02-21-2014)

Skyclad Observer (DragonReisen x Omu) (02-07-2014)

Koi no Shirushi (DragonReisen x Ya-chan) (01-06-2014)

Moment (KazumiDubs x DragonReisen) (11-06-2013) REMOVED FOR COPYRIGHT

Green Straight (DragonReisen x EnvyErin) (10-26-2013)

Leia (DragonReisen x Annami) (10-18-2013)

Shiwa (DragonReisen x Annami) (09-21-2013)

Our Let It Be (Annami x DragonReisen) (09-21-2013)

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