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Happy Halloween everyone!

Hope you like my trick~ It's not very good, but unexpected nonetheless, right? Worked pretty hard on this baby, and though it isn't perfect and I couldn't add quite as much detail as I wanted to to the song and video, I feel like it's all pretty decent.

Lyrics by: Reila (Translated by motokokusanagi2009) Vocals by: Reila Originally sung by: Len Composed by: Lelele P MV by: Lily

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Lyrics: The sky turning is gray, looks like it's about to rain. The sky that I stare at it's as cloudy, as my cold mind. Those liquid drops are dripping onto the pavement. Is it from the sky or from my eyes, ..I don't think it matters.

(I don't want to know)

Without an umbrella, I'm soaking wet like a lonesome drowned rat. The sound of rain is ringing, and it is Drowning out Every remnant of My existence. Stop it, stop it, Hurry up and stop this cold rain right now. If I go on like this I will surely break down. Crying, crying, Till there are no more tears left inside of me. Even so, I'm completely wet.. I feel so cold.

Not knowing my feelings you smile and say, "Good morning". Just like you will do tomorrow and everyday after. It is nothing more then a polite greeting. It hurts me badly, I can say it's lethal, a deadly weapon.

(...You know that?)

You have a gaze, full of love, Towards him and never towards me. I always loved the way you looked when you smiled.. But why do I really hate, to see you smiling now..

Psychotic, Psychotic, My mind is growing more and more insane So psychotic that I'll vanish into thin air It hurts, It's hurting me, My chest is hurting Isn't it unusual? I know that I love you to death. I'm so afraid.

Let me go, Right away, I only wanna be relieved of this. A strange voice is in my head and it is echoing. "Well, why don't just you finish it off?"

Impulse, impulse, Strong feelings are pulsing in me. My heartbeat quickens and it's awfully noisy. Stop me stop me hurry up and stop me Please just put an end to me finish me off with your own two hands, please.

It stopped, it stopped, it finally stopped for me there are no voices now. The reflection of me in your eyes even scares me. Why is this, What is this? What happened happened to me? This can't be happening. I see nothing but a bloody world... Someone Help me!

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