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Hatsuyuki as seen in her cover of "Connecting"
Illust. by Aeon
Japanese はつゆき❅ (Hatsuyuki)
Also known as はつさん (Hatsu-san), Yuki
Gender Female
Origin Indonesia[1]

(2000-10-30) October 30, 2000 (age 16)[2] [3]

Status Active
Years active 2014 - present
NND sites NND user page
mylist/45619345 (solo & collabs)
YT channel


Collab partner(s) MiDoRi *.
Other activities Mixing
A sample of a cover song by Hatsuyuki
"Logic Agent", composed by niki

Hatsuyuki (はつゆき❅) is a YouTube singer with a powerful voice which sometime sounds a bit shota-like as seen on her duet with MiDoRi *. "Suki Kirai -GigaP Arrange ver-".

She seem really close with the utaite MiDoRi *. and did a lot of collaboration together.

She also mixes for other youtaites.

List of Covered Songs Edit

  1. "Kurikaeshi Hitotsubu" feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi *. (2014.09.14)
  2. "Shiwa" (2014.10.05) (Private)
  3. "Unravel" (2014.10.11) (Tokyo Ghoul OP)
  4. "Ama no Jaku" -Arrange ver.- (2014.10.12)
  5. "Tako Luka ★ Maguro Fever" feat. Hatsuyuki and Shana (2014.11.04)
  6. "WAVE" feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi *. (2014.11.22)
  7. "Streaming Heart" (2014.12.22)
  8. "Kinyoubi no Ohayou" (2015.02.08)
  9. "Akaito" (2015.03.07)
  10. "Eternal Milky Way" feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi *. (2015.03.24)
  11. "Connecting"feat. Jun, MiDoRi, Kururugi, Shiraishi Narumi, Hatsuyuki, Reirei, Natsuno and Natsume (2015.03.24)
  12. "Peter Pan Syndrome" -English ver.- (2015.03.25)
  13. "Saikyouiku" feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi *. (2015.04.26)
  14. "Yomosugara Kimi Omou" -Acoustic ver.- (2015.05.09)
  15. "Logic Agent" (2015.06.01)
  16. "Kashokusei: Aidoru Shoukougun" feat. Hatsuyuki and Kururugi (2015.06.14)
  17. "Suki Kirai" -Arrange ver.- feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi *. (2015.06.27)

Songs on SoundCloud Edit

  1. Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru (Ao Haru Ride OP) feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi *. (2014.08.03)
  2. Hibikase (Ao Haru Ride OP) (2014.11.01)
  3. Ama no Jaku (2014.11.18)
  4. Ama no Jaku (2014.11.18)
  5. Renkyorien'ai (2014.??.??)
  6. Junjou Skirt feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi (2014.??.??)
  7. Ai no Scenario (Magic Kaito 1412 OP) (2015.02.10)
  8. Koshitantan (2015.02.10)
  9. Hatsukoi no Ehon-another story- feat. Runchi, Rou, Hatsuyuki, Powerberry, Friday and Hiiraku (2015.??.??)
  10. No Title -Arrange ver.- (2015.??.??)
  11. Yonjuunana -Acoustic English Short ver.- (2015.??.??)
  12. Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru -Acoustic ver- (Ao Haru Ride OP) feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi *. (2015.??.??)
  13. -ERROR feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi *. (2015.??.??)
  14. S・K・Y -Short ver.- (2015.??.??)
  15. Tawagoto Speaker -English ver.- (2015.??.??)
  16. Angelfish -Short ver.- (2015.??.??)
  17. Glow -Acoutic English ver.- (2015.??.??)
  18. Sarishinohara -English Short ver.- (2015.??.??)
  19. Yomosugara Kimi Omou feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi *. (2015.??.??)
  20. Rising Hope feat. Hatsuyuki and MiDoRi *. (2015.??.??)
  21. Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku (2015.??.??)
  22. Yakimochi no Kotae -Acoustic ver.- (2015.??.??)
  23. You and Beautiful World -Short ver.- (2015.07.10)

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite VOCALOID is IA.
  • Her favorite utaites are Amatsuki, Itou Kashitarou, and Rib.
  • She picked her alias from a lyric of Supercell's "Hajimete no Koi ga Owaru Toki".
  • She hates spicy foods.

External Links Edit

References Edit

  1. Her twitter profile
  2. Her NND user page profile
  3. Her tweet about her Suki Kirai collaboration with MiDoRi *.

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