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Hua is a YouTube singer who has been active since early 2014 on her channel, xpomusume 

Hua as seen on her YT channel

She is heavily influenced by Akiakane.

She has a high vocal range and a powerful, bright-sounding voice which is suitable for belting. Her song choices are rarely ballads or piano versions as she is better suited to upbeat or strong-sounding genres. Nevertheless, she is able to portray a softer tone, as shown in her cover of 誰か、海を .

She has participated in choruses and collaborated with a few other few youtaites. 

Name Hua
Gender Female
Birthday January 28
Years Active 2014-Present
YT channel xpomusume
Other activities

Cosplaying,Youtaite as well.

【Hua】FIRST を歌ってみた03:48

【Hua】FIRST を歌ってみた

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

1. Member of Mignon!Project

2. Member of AceCard Chorus

3. Member of Tranquil Night Chorus

4. Ah, it's a wonderful cats life  ( Hua and SCI ) (27/01/2014)

5. Ggrks  ( Hua and DM。風 ) (13/02/2014)

7. Choose Me  (English ver.) (Kurai x Hua x DM。風 )

(04/03/2014)6. Sayoko  ( Hua, Kurai and Ya-chan  ) (20/02/2014)

8. Aitai (DragonReisen x Hua) (08/03/2014)

9. Love Is An Open Door (Japanese ver.) (DM。風 x Hua) (6/06/2014)

10. Tengaku (Serraphi x Hua) (4/07/2014)

11. Reincarnation (Kyune x Hua) (15/07/2014)

List of Covered SongsEdit

1. Ifuudoudou (09/01/2014)

2. Kagerou Project Mashup  (20/01/2014)

3. Yuragi   (07/02/2014)

4. Sayoko  (Japanese+English) (07/02/2014)

5. I'm just your problem  (13/02/2014)

6. Flashback  (17/02/2014)

7. My Love Is A Stapler (short ver.) (02/03/2014)  (17/02/2014)

8. Palette  (03/03/2014)

9. Let It Go - Frozen   (07/03/2014)

10. Fujun Satisfaction   (20/03/2014) (ft. DM。風 [Kaze] )

11. Shiwa   (22/03/2014)

12. JelLy (2/04/2014) (ft. DM。風 [Kaze] )

13. Rolling Girl   (20/04/2014)

14. Sleeping Beauty (30/04/2014)

15. Muddy Cloud (English) (01/05/2014)

16. Lost Story (10/05/2014)

17. No Pain No Game (short ver.) (15/05/2014)

18. Lost One's Weeping (18/05/2014)

19. Lost One's Weeping [ACAPELLA VER.] (28/05/2014)

20.Daze (English) (15/06/2014

21. Close To You  (10/07/2014) (ft. DM。風 [Kaze] )

22. FIRST (18/07/2014)

23. A Vision(18/07/2014)


  • Her voice inspirations are Akiakane, Reol and Guriri.
  • She frequently sings with DM。風 (Kaze) and DragonReisen
  • Her current mic is a Blue Snowball, and she mixes using Adobe Audition CS6.


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