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Ichikun's OC for Dream Eating Monochrome Baku

Ichigo Hihara, nicknamed Icchi, is a YouTube singer that started on late 2012. She is fairly active on YouTube as well as SoundCloud, often posting covers whenever she felt like it.

Her real voice is labeled as cute and mature, though prefer to sing in a much deeper and lower voice as she find it more comfortable. She started out not so good at first, soon improving bit by bit. Her first song was Kokoro, but deleted it not too long after, leaving only Mizuiro No Senritsu and Kibou Ni Kaneoto from her old covers on her channel.  

She often sings in Japanese, though sometimes would love to try singing in English.  

Japanese Ichigo Hihara
NND Page None
Gender Female
Origin Malaysia
Real name -----
Born 2 October 2000
Status Active
Years active 2012-late
YT channel Ichigo .Manami Kurusu. Hihara
Other activities

mixing, art


Collaborations And Affiliations Edit

  1.  Hokago No Megami (Singer) (Leader of Dream Academy) [DISBANDED]
  2.  Raspberry♦Trance♦Chorus (Singer - Group Tart) [DISBANDED]
  3.  [Legendary☆Vocas Vocaloid - SenbonZakura] (Singer) [DISBANDED]
  4.  A New Beginning Chorus (Singer) [DISBANDED]
  5.  LVE48 (Singer) (Leader of Team 48) [DISBANDED]
  6.  MOE48 (Singer) [DISBANDED]
  7.  Alpaca Festival Chorus (Singer)
  8.  Zodiac Chorus (Singer - Founder)
  9.  SugarCoated Chorus (Singer)
  10.  PROMISE∞RING Ichigo & Fuyusa
  11.  Blessings (Birthday Song for Yukari) Ichigo & Riko
  12.  Kodou ~Perfect Harmony~ Ichigo & Crystal
  13.  Magnet Ichigo & つきヤ
  14.  First Love Academy Ichigo & つきヤ

List Of Covered Songs Edit

  1. Yakimochi no Kotae ~Another Story~ (29/11/14)
  2. Ayano's Theory of Happiness (15/1214)
  3. I Can Take Off My Panties! (23/12/14)
  4. Cantarella (23/12/14)
  5. Sarishinohara サリシノハラ-pianoballad.ver- (01/01/15)
  6. Spice! (4/1/15)
  7. Summertime Record [Piano Medley] (04/01/15)
  8. Aimo ~ Tori no Hito (06/02/15)
  9. Lie (18/02/15)
  10. Daughter of Evil (03/04/15)
  11. Dream Eater Shirokuro Baku (15/04/15)
  12. Kotoba no Iranai Yakusoku (21/05/15)
  13. Brand New Melody - Short (10/07/15)
  14. Piece of Love - Short (11/07/15)
  15. Makura no Danshi OP (06/08/15)
  16. Ikanaide (04/09/15)
  17. Sentimental Love Heart (24/12/15)

Trivia Edit

  • She started singing after listening to The New Millenium by Kagamine Len.
  • A big fan of the Kagamine Twins.
  • She loves to watch anime that includes romance.
  • She loves to solve problems, but gives up easily.
  • Her favorite Utaite are Gero, Sekihan, VIPtenchou, 96Neko and Kogeinu.
  • Her favorite Youtaite are Kuraiinu and Anba.
  • She loves trap, which often explains why most her favorite Youtaite and Utaite are traps.
  • Often shipped with females such as Ayako Miyazaki and Himeko Kujyo.
  • The only male she is shipped with is つきヤ.
  • Her most popular ship included IchiHime [Ichigo & Himeko] and Ichigo X つきヤ.
  • Her other stage name is Manami Kurusu, used in Hokago No Megami.
  • Commonly known as Icchi, though lately had been given the nickname 'ketchup'.
  • Obsessed with the anime Osomatsu-san.

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