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Kayon also knows as KAYON.Z | カヨン is a male YouTaite who start this year (2017.30.01). He is know for his very soft and cildish voice(even if he is 17y old). He tends to cover mostly vocaloid songs but also anime and j-pop songs in both, English and Japanese language. His location is still unknown but he sayd he isn't from Japan or from a country where the language is English but still his pronunciations in both language is almost impecable.

He didn't do livestreams until now but he announced a sessions of Live gameplays of the game Undertale and some undertale songs who will come up in his Patreon page also some Bendy and The Ink Machine songs, his voice be a perfect chose for jazzy songs.

He also make video edits and drawings and he announced that will make his own PV's for his next covers. He had his debut trough the singing aplication Smule. He is know for his natural voice because he don't put effects on his voice.

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He oftenly collab with Smutaite Chintzu in some covers for the rap parts:

1.[Isshin Furan - Rap Ver.] feat.Chintzu - 23.02.2017

2.[Higai Mousou Keitai Joshi - Rap Ver.] feat.Chintzu - 01.04.2017

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Photos from His Patreon Rewards

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