KAiARI as depicted by Aiku
Japanese 水無月快空璃
Also known as Kaiari Minazuki
Gender Female
Origin United Kingdom

(1995-01-14) January 14, 1995 (age 23)[1]

Status Active
Years active 2010-present
NND sites NND user page
YT channel


Collab partner(s) Raela, Xillball
Other activities Mixing, Translyric writing, gaming
A sample of a cover song by KAiARI
"Sakkaku CROSSROADS", composed by Satomi Kawasaki

KAiARI (快空璃) is a Youtaite with a light, mellow mezzo-soprano voice. Her voice ranges from the pinched, nasal sound of her "Eli" voice as seen in her "Sakakku CROSSROADS" cover, to a smooth, sweet relaxing sound in "Natsu, Owaranai De". Because of being classically trained, KAiARI's voice naturaly is saturated with vibrato.

Because her voice is light and soft in most instances her voice tends to blend well with others in choruses. She has collaborated with a number of other Youtaite including: Yuri Tsukito, Mesoki, Odii, Souly and many many others. KAiARI sings in Japanese and English and often writes translyrics of the latter for Aikatsu! songs. She also mixes for several choruses.

She mostly sings idol songs but dabbles in VOCALOID and songs from games.

Harmonies are especially KAiARI's favourite, liking to play around and invent new ones for covers.

Her most popular cover is an English Cover of MUSIC OF DREAM!!! with over 17000 views as of May 2018 for which she wrote the lyrics for. 

She previously had an old YouTube account KaiariGirl which is inactive as of this time.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Birthday Song for Hoto (Miku) -feat. Xillball
  2. 愛Dee (Short Ver) - 愛DK
  3. Mermaid Festa Vol. 1:-Love Live! (April Fools Cover)- with SJKotomi
  4. Korekara - Korekara Chorus
  5. Aishteru Banzai! - Bittersweet Dreamers
  6. Natsuiro Egao de 1 2 Jump - with SJKotomi & bblackroses
  7. Mogyuuto "love" de Sekkin Chuu! - Bittersweet Dreamers
  8. ACUTE - Melon×KAiARI×Nazuma
  9. Barefoot Renaissance - ft. Himeno
  10. Anemone Heart - μ'swap
  11. Good Day Good Night - ft. Raela
  12. Jingle Bells ga Tomaranai - Bittersweet Dreamers
  13. Christmas☆Starlight English Cover - SUGOI Howdy!!
  14. Hello Winter Love English Cover - Fluffy, Kaiari & Kiwi
  15. MY Mai TONIGHT - ft. Yuri Tsukito
  16. A-NO-NE-GA-N-BA-RE - μ'swap
  17. MOMENT RING - μ'swap
  18. Onegai Venus - ft. Xillball
  19. Halloween Night Magic - ft. Blyssi
  20. Kitto Seishun ga Kikoeru - Bittersweet Dreamers
  21. Lock On You - ft. TrueCrayon & Raela
  22. Mermaid Festa vol.1 Collab
  23. Souper Driver, Mesoki's Birthday Collab
  24. Fuyu Ga Koreta Yukan - Bittersweet Dreamers
  25. Bokura wa Ima no Naka De - Bittersweet Dreamers
  26. No brand girls - Korekara Chorus
  27. START:DASH! - Korekara Chorus
  28. Animal Carnival - ft. Himeno
  29. Storm in Lover - ft. Beth F
  30. Dramatic Girl - SUGOI Howdy!!
  31. Soldier Game TRIO Cover - ft. Sachibelle & Esturd
  32. So Beautiful Story - ft. Melonchieri
  33. One Step - ft. Blyssi & Melonchieri
  34. Blue Strawberry - ft. Odii
  35. TSU・BO・MI ~To The Vivid Future~ - ft. Souly
  36. SHINING LINE* English Cover - Xillball, Raela, Kaiari, TrueCrayon, Ryn_Cherry & Souly
  37. Bokura wa Ima no Naka De -ft. Sachibelle & Esturd
  38. episode Solo English Cover - Souly, Kaiari, Calise & Mesoki-
  39. Happiness Equation - ft. Odii
  40. KIRA☆Power TRIO COVER - ft. Odii & TrueCrayon
  41. LOVE GAME - ft. Souly
  42. STARTLINE - ft. Blyssi
  43. So Beautiful Story - ft. Melonchieri
  44. New・Chocolate Case - ft. Raela
  45. Fall In Love with the New Moon - ft. Yua & JessMe
  46. eternal eternity - ft. Hoto☆keiki
  47. Hikaru Nara - ft. Hoto☆keiki, CLOTHESHOUNDFORCHICK & SukinaKisu2
  48. Hello Winter Love English Cover - Raela, Haru Katsumi, TrueCrayon, xillball, Kaiari & Souly
  49. Hello New World - ft. Sealynn Hoshizora

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. Shadow Gate to Love English Cover
  2. Junai Lens - Short Cover
  3. Garasu no Hanazono English Cover
  4. Believe it English Cover
  5. STARTLINE! English Cover
  6. Message of a Rainbow English Cover
  7. Barefoot Renaissance English Cover
  8. A Whole New World God Only Knows
  9. Natsu, Owaranai De English Cover
  10. Seinau Hi no Inori Short Cover
  11. The Heritors of Arcadia
  12. God Only Knows Oratorio
  13. Hello Hoshi o Kazoete
  14. HAPPY PARTY TRAIN English Cover
  15. Sakakku CROSSROADS
  16. MUSIC OF DREAM!!! English Cover
  17. Oh Love & Peace
  18. Kirakira Shichatte! English Ver TV Size
  19. Dokkin♢Maho Girls Pretty Cure! -English Ver- TV Size
  20. God Only Knows TV Size Cover
  21. Mijuku Dreamer English Cover
  22. Aishiteru -Cover- Song for Hoto☆Keiki
  23. Garasu no Hanazono
  24. Mermaid Festa Vol.1
  25. Forever Dream
  26. Aishiteru Banzai! (愛してるばんざーい!)
  27. Endless Sorrow
  28. Star Heart
  29. Fluquor
  30. Just Be Friends -Piano Cover-
  31. STARDOM English Cover
  32. Bon Bon Voyage! English Cover
  33. Etude of Radiance English Cover
  34. Precious English Cover
  35. Good morning my dream English Cover
  36. August Marina English Cover (8月のマリーナ)
  37. Tarte・Tatin English Cover (タルト・タタン)
  38. Emerald Magic English Cover (エメラルドの魔法)
  39. Summer-Colored Butterfly (夏色バタフライ)
  40. Dreaming Bird English Cover
  41. Sailor Star Song English Cover
  42. I Want To Be Together With You (私たちになりたくて...)
  43. Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate (ありふれた悲しみの果て)
  44. A More Beautiful Morning Will Come (もっとすてきな朝がくるよ)
  45. Isn't It Beautiful? English Cover (素敵だね?)


Comm kaiari transparent by vi vace-dc9vxi7
Kaiairi as depicted by Vi Vache
Kaiari as depicted by Aiku
Kaiari as depicted by Hystorica
Kaiari as depicted by Vocaphillia
Kaiari in "Birthday Song for Hoto" as depicted by Kuurodin
Kaiari from MCF17 "Follow The Sun" as depicted by Serazu
Kaiari clear render by azeniaai-dbodm17
"Kaia-chin RABU-YUU!" as depicted by Minty Mizu
Draft 3
Kaiari as a Love Live! idol as depicted by Haru Katsumi
Omoi yo kaiari - Copy
Kaiari from Aoeda Storm "Omoi Yo Hitosu ni Nare" as depicted by Serazu
Kaiari from Aoeda Storm "Zurui yo Magnetic Today!" as depicted by Serazu
Kaiari from Aoeda Storm "Shunjou Romantic" as depicted by Serazu
Commission for Sheri -fullbody- - Copy
Kaiari's OC as depicted by SkylarkKai
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Kaiari eating a cake
Imgpsh fullsize
Kaiari as Yuna from Kingdom Hearts 2
13613422 631039313717513 7331343190425558455 o
Kaiari as an Aikatsu! idol as depicted by Odiiette


  • KAiARI has just completed a music degree.[1]
  • She occasionally writes her own fanfiction.[2]
  • She really loves the TV Show Game of Thrones.[3]
  • She is terrified of lightning.[4]
  • KAiARI is 5'2".[5]
  • She drinks tea with the teabag in.[6]
  • She likes wearing wigs[7]
  • KAiARI uses a Behringer C1 XLR mic, records and mixes with Adobe Audition. Her videos are made with a combination of Vegas Pro and Adobe After Effects[8]
  • Her role in a chorus/group is usually Mixer.[9]

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