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KAiARI as depicted by Odiiette
Japanese カイアリ
Also known as Kaiari Minazuki
Gender Female
Origin United Kingdom

(1995-01-14) January 14, 1995 (age 22)[1]

Status Active
Years active 2010-present
NND sites NND user page
YT channel


Collab partner(s) Odiiette, Souly, Blyssi, Melonchieri, TrueCrayon
Other activities Mixing, Translyric writing, gaming
A sample of a cover song by KAiARI
"Aishteru Banzai", composed by Yamada Takahiro

KAiARI (カイアリ) is a Youtaite with a light, mellow mezzo-soprano voice and medium vibrato. Her voice ranges from the pinched, nasal sound of her "Eli" voice as seen in her "Storm in Lover" cover, to a smooth relaxing sound in "I Want to be Together With You" She also shows off her talents with multiple voices in her "Dramatic Girl" and "Sparkling Declaration" covers.

Her most popular duet partner is Odiiette and they are often praised for their contrasting yet complementing voice timbres.

KAiARI sings in Japanese and English and often writes translyrics of the latter for Aikatsu! songs. She also mixes for several choruses. She mostly sings idol songs but dabbles in VOCALOID and songs from games. Harmonies are especially KAiARI's favourite, liking to play around and invent new ones for covers.

Her most popular cover is an English Cover of Kokoro wo Komete with over 10000 views as of July 2017 for which she wrote the lyrics for. 

She previously had an old YouTube account KaiariGirl which is inactive as of this time.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit


List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. Forever Dream
  2. START:DASH!! - Korekara Chorus
  3. Aishteru Banzai! (愛してるばんざーい!)
  4. Star Heart
  5. Just Be Friends -Piano Cover-
  6. Dramatic Girl with Sugoi Howdy
  7. Storm in Lover
  8. Soldier game feat. Sachibelle and esturd
  9. So Beautiful Story feat. Melonchieri
  10. STARDOM English Cover
  11. Bon Bon Voyage! English Cover
  12. Etude of Radiance English Cover
  13. Precious English Cover
  14. Good morning my dream English Cover
  15. August Marina English Cover (8月のマリーナ)
  16. Tarte・Tatin English Cover (タルト・タタン)
  17. Emerald Magic English Cover (エメラルドの魔法)
  18. eternal eternity feat. Hoto☆keiki
  19. Summer-Colored Butterfly (夏色バタフライ)
  20. Happiness Equation feat. Odiiette
  21. Dreaming Bird English Cover
  23. Sailor Star Song English Cover
  24. I Want To Be Together With You (私たちになりたくて...)
  25. Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate (ありふれた悲しみの果て)
  26. A More Beautiful Morning Will Come (もっとすてきな朝がくるよ)
  27. Isn't It Beautiful? English Cover (素敵だね?)



Imgpsh fullsize
KAiARI cosplaying as Yuna from FFX-2 depicted by Michii
Commission for Sheri -fullbody- - Copy
KAiARI as depicted by SkylarkKai
Imgpsh fullsize (1) - Copy - Copy
KAiARI as depicted by Michii
Headshot Commission -For Sheri-
KAiARI as depicted by SkylarkKai
13600330 631036993717745 5806471392291512975 n - Copy
KAiARI as depicted by Odiiette


  • KAiARI has just completed a music degree.[1]
  • She occasionally writes her own fanfiction.[2]
  • She really loves the TV Show Game of Thrones.[3]
  • She is terrified of lightning.[4]
  • KAiARI is 5'2".[5]
  • She drinks tea with the teabag in.[6]
  • She likes wearing wigs[7]
  • KAiARI uses a Behringer C1 XLR mic, records and mixes with Adobe Audition.[8]

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