Kunjido-kun as depicted by bulgeunk
Japanese Kunjido
Also known as Cucumber-kun, Sea Cucumber
Gender Male
Origin U.S.A., Vietnam
Born February 21[citation needed]
Status Active
Years active 2014-present
YT channel


Kunjido-kun is a multi-specializing Youtaite with a soft yet high voice. His works range from Anime OSTs to Vocaloid originals and he is rather known in the community for being an animator and translyricist. He covers in Japanese, Vietnamese and English. He posted an animation reel in 2015 that shows his many works and contributions in the community.

His debut covers were Eh? Ah Sou and Promise of Reunion, both featuring Katyi Pup. His most popular upload as of date is his English cover of Honeywork's Kotoba No Iranai garnering 12K views on Youtube.

List of Covered Songs Edit

  1. Before My Body is Dry - Don't Lose Your Way - Kill la Kill - Piano Cover (July 15. 2014)
  2. Toluthin Antenna - English Cover - Male Version (July 31. 2014)
  3. Unravel - Vietnamese Version - Tokyo Ghoul Opening (August 7. 2014)
  4. Leia (Short) - English Cover (September 7. 2014)
  5. Is (by POP ETC) - Zankyou no Terror OST - Cover (October 7. 2014)
  6. Unravel Full - Vietnamese Cover (October 23. 2014)
  7. ┗ ∵ ┓さよなら両片想/Goodbye to this Mutual, Unrequited Love HoneyWorks -English Cover - Male Version (November 18. 2014)
  8. Leia (Short) - Vietnamese Cover (December 7. 2014)
  9. 今好きになる。(Ima Suki ni Naru) - I'm Falling in Love With You - English Cover - Male Version (December 17. 2014)

Collaborations and Affiliations Edit

  1. Promise of Reunion - Ib Version - English Cover (July 6. 2014)
  2. Eh? Ah, Sou - Ib Version - English Cover (July 7. 2014)
  3. First Love Academy/School of True Love - English cover (July 29. 2014)
  4. Yonjuunana - 47 - Bốn Mươi Bảy (Ft. Yukain Nayuji) - Vietnamese Version (Nov 7. 2014)

Chorus Battle Entries Edit

  1. LCWCB-R1: Magia - Group: The Renegades
  2. FCCB-R1: Mushikui Psychedelism - ムシクイサイケデリズム - Group: NAFS (Names are for Scrubs)
  3. LCWCB-R2: Unravel (World Edition) - Group: The Renegades
  4. FCCB-R2: Against the World- Group: NAFS (Names are for Scrubs)
  5. MMDG-R1: Daisy - Group: 555 `( ᐛ )و mean sounds like "hahaha" in Lao so it's like LOL)
  6. LCWCB-R3: World Lampshade - Group: The Renegades

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