Redesign 12
Also known as
Gender Male [1]
Origin United States
Born April 7th 1991
Status active
Years active 2013-present
YT channel Kuron
NND sites
Other activities Mixing, voice acting

Kuron originally started out in 2013 on his voice acting channel known as DarkCloud1267. After some very bad backlash over a cover he did of the Dragon Ball Z opening "Dragon Soul" He decided to quit. Going on an indefinite hiatus. As time went on though he slowly started singing again. His second cover was "Crossing Fields", The first opening to Sword Art Online. Followed by the very first opening to Attack on Titan. after that he went on another hiatus for awhile. not feeling fully confident. Then came 2015 where he converted one of his other channels into a singing channel.

The name Kuron was chosen at random. after many other name choices he finally came across it. Other names included Kurokumo, Kuro-nii and even before that Ryuzaki and Rin.

His voice mainly fits for thw pop-punk genre and rock music but he's up to try anything new at least once. His youtaite channel is currently only at 50 subs. His range is quite high.He has hard times getting into most lower ranges

List of Covered SongsEdit

  • Please note that this does not include covers from his other channel.
  1. "Time Of Your Life" -Green Day.- (2016.08..31)"
  2. Just Gold" -Mandopony.- (2016.09.18)"
  3. One Reason" -TV-Size- (2016.10.21)"
  4. Mansions Curse" -Mystic Mansion.- (2016.11.26)
  5. "One Reason" -Full ver.- (2016.12.05)
  6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas (2016.12,07)
  7. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams -Green Day- (2017.1.1)
  8. Crossing Field -TV Size (2017.1.16)
  9. Goya No Machiawase -TV size (2017.2.13)
  10. "XYZ"-Music Box Remix (2017 2.24)
  11. "XYZ" TV-Size (2017.2.27)
  12. "Dragon Soul" (2017.3.24)
  13. "Crazy Rainbow Star" (2017.4.21)



-He's still practicing his singing

-He is a huge Sonic fan

-Also love Pokemon

-favorite is anything from the asian culture. Or BBQ stuff.

- Is best friends with HAC and Tyler Sampsonis

External LinksEdit

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