Luce, drawn by himself
Also known as Opaleen, Opalno, Haru, Opalbit
Gender (trans)male
Origin United States of America(ethnically Filipino)
Age decline to state
Born 14 October
Status Active
Years active 2015-present
YT channel dulce luce
Collab partner(s) Blu
Other activities violin/viola playing, kazoo playing, mixing,

Luce is a transmale YouTaite that has been active since 2015 and currently sings now. He covers VOCALOID songs, videogame songs, JPop music and anime theme songs as well as some Western pop music. He is in quite a few cover groups/idol groups.

Affiliations and Collaboration Projects Edit

  1. 321STAR(member)
  2. yumenosaki stars!!(leader/vocalist[Mao/Mitsuru/mixer)]
  3. Smiling Idol Club(vocalist[Rin/Kanan)]
  4. UTAxHIME(leader/vocalist/mixer)
  5. Suzuran Castle(MTFCB'17 group)
  6. eternal future(co-leader)

List of Covered Songs Edit

  1. If~ Hitori Omou/One's Thoughts [Nohr Ver]
  2. You may call me Marth
  3. Don't Speak Her Name!
  4. Senbonzakura
  5. Jutenija
  6. And what if I can't? And what if I'm not worthy of her ideals?
  7. Lily Lily Burning Night(Opal Opal Burning Night)
  8. Lost In Thoughts All Alone(English)
  9. If~ Hitori Omou(Japanese)
  10. Mozaik Role(piano)
  11. Aishiteru Banzai!(short ver.)
  12. Dream Catcher - duet
  13. Solla Sollew
  14. Torinoko City/Urbandonment
  15. Fight Song - duet
  16. Utopiosphere
  17. Lost in Thoughts All Alone (Nohr English)
  18. Smoke and Mirrors
  19. Guilty Night, Guilty Kiss!
  20. History Maker
  21. Love Wing Bell(MTFCB'17 R1)
  22. unravel TV size
  23. LOVELESS WORLD(April Fool's)

List of Original Songs Edit

  1. Breaking
  2. Song of Spirits

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He's super active on his Instagram.
  • He realized he was a male only a few months after he started the channel.
  • His favorite color is purple.
  • His major current interests are Ensemble Stars and Atlus JRPGs.
  • He has a trash side channel on YouTube.

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References Edit

  1. (I'm probably gonna edit this like 500 years in the future)

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