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Melo-chan's old OC as drawn by Rinne Kagetsu.

Melodie Chan==

Melo-chan (Melodie Chan) is a YouTube singer with a very nice vocal timbre and pitch. Her range is mezzo-soprano. She has two kinds of voice, her normal one and the cute one.

She is fairly new the the community, joining at April 2013.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. E? A, Sou (Ib ver.) (Melo-chan & Hyesoo) 
  2. ACUTE (Melo-chan & Haru & Hyesoo)
  3. Hyakunen no Koi (Melo-chan & Hyesoo)

Roles in chorusesEdit

Japanese Melo-chan
Gender Female
Origin Indonesia
Real Name Prefers to be unknown
Birthday July 1
Status Active
Years Active 2013-Present
YT Channel Melodie Chan
Other activities Drawing
  1. ✿ 유유유유유유 ✿ (Vocalist, Leader)                    
  2. Sunshine Smile Chorus (Minami Kotori, Leader)                                   
  3. PandaChorus (Vocalist)
  4. Moe Muse Live (Yazawa Nico, Leader)
  5. Clockwork Chorus (Mew)
  6. VocaTwin Chorus (Hideyoshi)
  7. Midnight Stars Chorus (MEIKO)
  8. NWR Chorus (Vocalist)

​List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. Snow Halation (2013.04.07) 
  2. Secret Base
  3. Other unserious covers at her soundcloud


  • She loves to sing, although she thinks her voice is just normal.
  • She can't animate, and mostly asks her friends for help in posting covers at YT.
  • Best Friends with Hyesoo and Haru in real-life.
  • Very crazy when with friends, but pretty much shy with new people.
  • A very loyal otaku.

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