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Nekon0 is a YouTube singer. He has a clear and calm voice and likes to sing mostly acoustic songs for fitting his voice better.

He sings in Japanese, English and Spanish.

English Nekon0
Alias "ノネ" (None)
Gender Male
Origin Unknown, possibly Spanish
Status Active
Years Active 2011 (first YT upload) - Present
YT Channel Nekon0
Other Activities Animater, Mixer, Illustrater

Aside of singing he also animates, mixes and, sometimes, draws for choruses. He is known for creating his own projects and being friendly with other youtaites, accepting collabs from anyone.

His first cover on YouTube was Aitai, and his most popular solo cover its his acoustic cover of "Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story" with 800+ views.

Trivia Edit

  • He often complains that there arent any Youtaites where he lives.
  • His sister is an artist but he preffers to draw himself so he can improve.
  • When he started his alias was "ノネ" (None).