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Shin Berkenstel (a.k.a. Shin) started posting covers in the summer of 2012. A lot of older videos were unlisted or removed because he claims he wants to focus on the present, not remember the past.

He is a singer and animator, and has a wide vocal range, as well as is classified as a ryouseirui. His higher register is more naselly and child-like, as shown on his cover of Happy Synthesizer. In comparison, his voice is more stable and clear, as shown in Cry Baby or I Miss You.

List of Covered Songs Edit

  1. Daidai Genomu
  2. Mediational Field | Song from the movie Paprika
  3. Happy Synthesizer | Featuring his "feminine" voice
  4. Limited Sky
  5. Sayoko

Collaborations Edit

  1. Grand Fonic Hymn | Birthday present for his dog Pochi
  2. Calc. | Birthday present for Hiro Muse
  3. Heart Rate #0822 | Sakura Café Chorus cover
  4. RADIANT MIND | GUILTY on your Shin cover
  5. Heart Chrome | Shintanian Royal Court's entry for SCB2-R1
  6. You | Cover with TEC

Trivia Edit

  • The largest project he has ever handled was ★S☆S☆C★'s cover of Dear You, featuring 50 vocalists. He claims he lost his mind trying to coordinate 50 people, a couple of which were swapped out a few times.