Hanafubuki as seen in her cover of Nectar
Japanese 花吹雪 (Hanafubuki)
Also known as Taste of Rain, Kokoroneko, Shinkai, Hana
Gender Female
Origin USA
Age 18
Status Active
Years active 2016 - Present
NND sites NND user page ((GINZA) Free Member)
Other activities Traditional and digital arts, cooking

Hanafubuki (花吹雪) is a (Yo)utaite whose vocals ranges from tenor to mezzo-soprano, making her a ryouseirui.

Her higher range can be described as cute while at the same time can be described to have a bit of a shy tint to it. In a few covers she is known to put a little huskiness to her voice as she reaches for those subtle notes.

Although, her lower range is known to have a slight feminine and light nasal quality to it, it is nice and deep with a bit of power to it. Her lower range is strong and has a resounding vibrato to it, some can even describe her lower voice as rather "Ikemen". 

Her voice overall is clear, soft, and energetic. 

In her covers she sometimes likes to add a laugh where she finds it necessary to be. She doesn't prefer to use auto tune, but instead prefers a slight echo to give her vocals just a little more softness. She also likes to trail some of her words in her singing with a slight vibrato. 

Hanafubuki sometimes slips in her pronunciation of English words and accidentally pronounces her "L"'s like "R"'s even though her first language is English. 

Hanafubuki was previously known as Shinkai until this year. She deleted her original channel and now is working on new covers on her current channel. 

Hanafubuki made her first debut on YouTube in early August 2016 singing her cover for Dream Fireworks. In this cover she used her low but mellow voice. On YouTube it has gained 120 views before she deleted her original channel.

Hanafubuki sings in Japanese and English because those are her two well known languages. She does know 2 other languages[1], but chooses to respond to people in those languages rather than sing in them. She chooses to cover Vocaloid, Anime, and English songs.

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Connecting CHORUS (9.2.2017)
  2. 四季おりの羽 (Remastered) (花吹雪x静雄) (19.7.2017)(Deleted/Reuploaded: 7.2.2018)
  3. Sunflowers of Parting Regrets (Hanafubuki x Levivin) (6.1.2018)(Deleted/Reuploaded: 7.2.2018)
  4. Nectar (MikaChan feat Hanafubuki) [SoundCloud] (24.5.2018)

List of Covered SongsEdit

1. Flutter Flutter (Original Upload Date: 9.11.2016)(7.2.2018)

2. ECHO (Original Upload Date: 12.7.2017)(7.2.2018)

3. Electric Angel (Original Upload Date: 12.7.2017)(7.2.2018)

4. Regret Message (Original Upload Date: 12.7.2017)(7.2.2018)

5. Bad Apple! (Original Upload Date: 12.7.2017)(7.2.2018)

6. One Thousand Cherry Blossoms (Original Upload Date: 14.7.2017)(7.2.2018)

7. 東京テディベア (Original Upload Date: 15.9.2017)(7.2.2018)

8. 君を捜す空 (Original Upload Date: 11.10.2017)(7.2.2018)

9.右肩の蝶「リン」(Original Upload Date: 12.10.2017)(7.2.2018)

10. Sand Planet (Original Upload Date: 20.12.2017)(7.2.2018)

11. Birds in Winter (Original Upload Date: 1.1.2018)(7.2.2018)

12. サイノウサンプラー (Original Upload Date: 22.1.2018)(7.2.2018)

13. 夢花火 (10.2.2018)

14. Sigh (2.4.2018)

15. いかないで 【ACOUSTIC】(28.5.2018)


Gallery Edit

  1. Hanafubuki as seen on her Youtube and NND
  2. Hanafubuki as seen in her cover of Dream Fireworks
  3. In MikaChan's cover of Nectar, Hanafubuki is featured doing the raps.
  4. Hanafubuki as seen on her Twitter.


  • She prefers to sing either depressing, fast upbeat songs, or songs about love.
  • A few of her favorite Vocaloids are Rin and Len Kagamine.[2]
  • She casually wears a scarf.
  • She has been mistaken as a male because of her voice and she played along, but soon got bored of it and decided to reveal her actually gender.
  • Her vocal range is D3-E6[3]

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