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Also known as Crayon, True
Gender Female
Origin Australia

(2000-02-26) February 26, 2000 (age 18)[1]

Status Active
Years active 2014-present
YT channel


A sample of a cover song by TrueCrayon'
"Summer Tears Diary", from 'Aikatsu Stars!

TrueCrayon is a Youtaite who sings Vocaloid and Aikatsu Songs (songs from the anime, 'Aikatsu!' and 'Aikatsu Stars!') in English. She has written her own translyrics for the large majority of the songs she has covered and leaves these translyrics in the descriptions of her videos and on various other websites (including her Weebly blog and Deviant Art account) for other people to use.

As well as singing and writing translyrics, TrueCrayon also mixes and edits the videos for her covers, adding her translyrics into her videos. TrueCrayon has mixed solo covers, duets, and choruses of up to 8 people (all of which can be found on her YouTube channel), and despite admitting to having limited mixing ability, offers her mixing services to others who need it[1].

TrueCrayon has also done some voice acting but does not upload this to her YouTube channel. She has been casted roles in voice-acting projects such as this one mentioned in her Twitter feed.


Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

  1. Light Pink Day Tripper (Duet)
  2. Childish War (Duet)
  3. Hirari/Hitori/Kirari (Chorus Cover)
  4. Original Star☆彡 (Chorus Cover)
  5. KIRA☆Power (Group Cover)
  6. SHINING LINE* (Chorus Cover)
  7. Summer Tears Diary (Duet)
  8. Dramatic Girl (Chorus Cover)
  9. Lock On You (Group Cover)
  10. Idol Activity! (Duet)
  11. Christmas☆Starlight (Chorus Cover)
  12. Korekara Chorus (Chorus Group)
  13. Smiling Suncatcher (Duet)
  14. Promise (Duet)

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. Miracle Paint (Solo Cover)
  2. Yuukei Yesterday (Solo Cover)
  3. Daughter of Evil (Solo Cover)
  4. Servant of Evil (Solo Cover)
  5. We are POP☆CANDY! (Solo Cover)
  6. Souzou Forest (Solo Cover)
  7. drop pop candy (Duet)
  8. ECHO (Solo Cover)
  9. Cat Food (Solo Cover)
  10. Electric Angel (Solo Cover)
  11. Soleil (Solo Cover)
  12. Tokyo Retro (Solo Cover)
  13. Suki! Yuki! Magi Magic (Solo Cover)
  14. Kisaragi Attention (Solo Cover)
  15. Start Line! (Solo Cover)
  16. FREELY TOMORROW (Solo Cover)
  17. Etude of Radiance (Solo Cover)
  18. Toeto (Solo Cover)
  19. Light Pink Day Tripper (Duet)
  20. Childish War (Duet)
  21. Tarte・Tatin (Solo Cover)
  22. Glass Doll (Duet)
  23. Hirari/Hitori/Kirari (Chorus Cover)
  24. Hikari Yo (Solo Cover)
  25. Original Star☆彡 (Chorus Cover)
  26. Christmas Wish (Solo Cover)
  27. Snow Song Show (Solo Cover)
  28. Eyes Shut (Solo Cover)
  29. MY SHOW TIME! (Solo Cover)
  30. SHINING LINE* (Chorus Cover)
  31. Miracle Force Magic (Solo Cover)
  32. Luka Luka ★ Night Fever (Solo Cover)
  33. Move on now! (Solo Cover)
  34. Dramatic Girl (Chorus Cover)
  35. Rolling Girl (Solo Cover)
  36. episode Solo (Solo Cover)
  37. Eternally Flickering Flame (Solo Cover)
  38. Star Night Snow (Solo Cover)
  39. Christmas☆Starlight (Chorus Cover)
  40. Smiling Suncatcher (Duet)
  41. Reverse (Solo Cover)
  42. Please Mary (Solo Cover)
  43. Summer Tears Diary (Solo Cover)
  44. Promise (Duet)
  45. Rebellion of the Arc Fox (Solo Cover)
  46. Pirouette of the Forest Light (Solo Cover)
  47. Emerald Magic (Solo Cover)


TrueCrayon's General Profile Picture
Winter Crayon
TrueCrayon as seen in her cover of 'Christmas Wish'
Crayon Full Body
Full Body Image of TrueCrayon
"Boo!" by QueenLlamacornCake
Crayon by yamiee
Semi-chibi by yamiee
Christmas Coord by Venary
Illustration by Stimmy Dolly
Valentines Crayon


  • TrueCrayon is Australian by nationality, although she has fully Italian heritage.[2]
  • She has two siblings, who are twins.[3]
  • Her favourite Vocaloids are Flower, Rana, and Kagamine Rin, and her favourite Vocaloid producers are Pinocchio-P, Kikuo, and sasakure.UK.[4]
  • She plays percussion in her school band.[5]
  • She is a pianist and often plays piano as a form of stress release.[6]
  • She is able to hold harmonies, despite not having them in most of her covers.[7]
  • She owns chickens, one of which is named Luna.[8]
  • She can speak Italian to a degree although isn't very confident in speaking it.[9]
  • She often goes by 'Crayon' rather than 'TrueCrayon', particularly for communication.[10]

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