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Take a look at the pages Dango / だんご and Ambo for references and examples of the below template.

For an example and/or tutorial on how your page should look and how to use the required template, see EXAMPLE PAGE. If needed, you can copy its source code, paste it to your own page, and then edit your page accordingly.

Required template (Adapted from Utaite wiki)

{{Infobox character|site = nnd/yt/bb
|image = 
|coveredsong = 
|collabgroup = 
|official_illustrator = 
|other_illustrator = 
|gender = Male/Female/Nonbinary/etc.
|officialjpnname = 
|officialromajiname = 
|officialengname = 
|othernameinfo = 
|aka = 
|birthday = |month = |&year = |ref = 
|status = Inactive/Active
|year = 20XX-20XX/present
|YTusername = 
|YTCHonly = 
|BBuserpageID = 
|NNDuserpageID = 
|mylistID1 = 
|mylist1info = 
|mylistID2 = 
|mylist2info = 
|mylistID3 = 
|mylist3info = 
|nicommuID1 = 
|nicommu1info = 
|nicommuID2 = 
|nicommu2info = 
|nicommuID3 = 
|nicommu3info = 
|partner = 
|otheractivity = 
|country = 

{{YTsample|"SONGNAME", composed by COMPOSER|YTID}}

'''Romaji''' ('''Kanji''') is an {{NNDict|Utaite}}/YouTube singer/Bilibili singer.

==Affiliations and Collaboration Projects==

==List of Covered Songs==
{{Playlist|content = 




==External Links==
* [