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Uncool is an American YouTube singer with a confident, well-pitched voice. She deleted her old YouTube account and started fresh with a new one.

She is known for her voice-acting in the Vocaloid-based Youtube series 'Shion' as Sakine Meiko

Affiliations and Collaboration ProjectsEdit

1. Voice Actress for Shion as Sakine Meiko.

2. Member of Vocappend as Lily.

3. Member of Kaminari Enterprises.

4. Member of HeartStrings Chorus

5. Member of Neoppend.

List of Covered SongsEdit

Japanese UNCOOL
NND Page Unknown
Gender Female
Origin Singapore
Real name Prefers to be Unknown
Born November 3rd, 1994
Status Active
Years active 2013-present
YT channel UNCOOL
Other activities

Mixing, Art,VA

1. Love Like You. (11.13.2016)

2. Tower of Mistakes (1.6.2017)

3. Panda Hero ft. Kyan (1.10.2017)

4. LUVORATORRRRRY! Ft. Nana (2.1.2017)


  • Uncool is, in fact, very cool
  • Uncool draws very well, and occasionally uses fellow Youtaites as inspiration
  • Uncool is a big fan of Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and much more.
  • Though she rarely uses them, Uncool writes translyrics to some songs.
  • Uncool has an UTAU named Kii.

External LinksEdit

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