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  • Aochan216

    i didn't think i'd need to restate this but please, PLEASE follow the Tutorial and Requirements pages (including the required template shown on the Tutorial page)- they're there for a reason. the EXAMPLE PAGE is also there for a reason- to help you and show you how your page is supposed to look and be.

    your pages need to fit the required template and, as stated on the EXAMPLE PAGE, you need to have sources (references) to any statements or claims made about yourself as a youtaite, or whatever youtaite you're making a page for. i can't be online every day or edit every article myself, nor should i have to. 

    you NEED to read the Tutorial and Requirements before making or editing pages and you NEED to use the required template. it's a requirement, …

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  • Aochan216

    Please stop adding categories that are irrelevant or not created by the admins. I've been seeing categories based on ethnicity, categories that are simply alternative wordings to already existing categories (e.g. a category called "Youtaite female" has been made, even though "Female Youtaites" already exists..).. it's annoying and unnecessary.

    If there is a category Youtaite Wiki does not have that you feel is necessary and relevant and needed, please contact one of the Admins and bring it up to us. We will consider using it and listing it on the navigation page. Otherwise, making extra categories is not needed and may cause confusion to guests among the wiki.

    - ambo (talk) 01:39, October 11, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Aochan216

    Hello! This is founder/admin Ambo here! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    As you may have noticed, we have a new Admin, Admin Yumin. (He also helped to found this wiki before it got popular.) We are making some changes to this Wiki in terms of rules. As there are so many pages here not worth reading due to incompletion, we will be taking action and deleting incomplete pages. Please do not make a page unless you are willing to finish it.

    In addition, please head to the Tutorial and Requirements pages to see what's new and what's changed; a new template is required and pages will be edited by the Admins accordingly. Of course, we greatly encourage your help in editing your pages. After all, you're part of this community/Wiki too and it's unfair to expect us to do all the wo…

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  • Aochan216

    Hi, guys! I just wanted to bring it to your attention that, while we encourage creating pages for yourself as a youtaite, it's good to work on pages for other Youtaites too. If there's a popular, famous, or even unrecognized/unheard-of youtaite that you know of or like, please make a page for them, or edit their page if they already have one. Contribution here is very slow compared to Utaite Wiki (which I'm guilty of as well), and it's good to make/edit pages for youtaites other than yourself.

    EDIT: Also, please do not copy Youtaite articles from Utaite Wiki and paste them onto here. That's considered plagiarism. If you know about a youtaite, create and edit your own page for them. I'll add this to the rules later.

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  • Aochan216


    October 13, 2015 by Aochan216

    heya, keromin here!!! ( ◞・౪・) i changed the look/design of YT Wiki and i really like it but i wanted to know what yall think! is there anything you think i (or other admins) could change to make it look better, seem more professional, be more concise etc... id really appreciate feedback about the wiki's design and general aesthetic so feel free to voice your opinions on anything about it at all!

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