Hello! This is founder/admin Ambo here! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

As you may have noticed, we have a new Admin, Admin Yumin. (He also helped to found this wiki before it got popular.) We are making some changes to this Wiki in terms of rules. As there are so many pages here not worth reading due to incompletion, we will be taking action and deleting incomplete pages. Please do not make a page unless you are willing to finish it.

In addition, please head to the Tutorial and Requirements pages to see what's new and what's changed; a new template is required and pages will be edited by the Admins accordingly. Of course, we greatly encourage your help in editing your pages. After all, you're part of this community/Wiki too and it's unfair to expect us to do all the work.

Please note that if you ignore the Requirements and new changes and/or your pages do not meet up to our rather fair standards, your page will be edited or even removed by the Admins

We are not doing this to hinder anyone's creativity, but to keep organization and professionalism in our Wiki. That being said, please work on your pages and have fun editing! 

- ambo (talk)

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