• FonaCall

    On making your own posts...

    September 30, 2015 by FonaCall

    So, there are a LOT of Youtaite here who make their own page, since this is a more or less open wikia, and the standards are lower than that of the Utaite Wikia.

    But please, make them articles worth reading.

    The purpose of having a Wikia page here is to inform people on who you are, what you do as a Youtaite (or some other role like artist, mixer, animator, translyricist, seiyuu), etc. and not just say, I dunno, you have the voice of an angel, you're awesome, you can reach notes that not a lot of people can and not actually give anyone something to base those over-the-top descriptions of yourself on. Put links to your covers, (whether it's solo or collab), give people your vocal range (like, what notes do you hit), put pictures of yourself o…

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