hi everyone!

i'm one of your (semi-)newer mods, yumin! i've edited a lot of stuff and deleted some dead pages (which is still in progress;;), so, with that said-

feel free to check over the rules and anything else that may have changed! also, if i happened to delete one of your pages for not following by rules- feel free to just remake it following the rules now! i mostly just edited pages, though, so don't worry too much on that.

i'm still going through pages, though (i'll comment here once i think i've gotten through everything), so, keep up with updates! 

current updates, though (there will be a comment thread letting people know of updates to this post on this part!):

  • a ton of pages were deleted, normally for being incomplete or not linking to their youtube - feel free to readd yourself if you can have these links in
  • a lot of pages were updated, mostly just for grammar or aesthetic purposes to look more alike to other pages (the goal is to have all pages with a similar format- still working on this!)
  • the tr*p category, and all in it, was moved to ryouseirui, because of the former being a slur
  • a 'nonbinary youtaite' listing was added- feel free to update your page or any other pages to put them in here so long as it's not outing someone without their consent and let me know if anyone is wrongly added to this listing
  • requirements had some added rules to it

thank you!

- yumin

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