• TheFlyingKyte

    Can't we just get some 2 round CBs instead of 3/4 rounds. Seriously, inexperiened judges on a ragtag long CB is gonna be a mess at this rate. Biased judges putting favor to one group instead of being mindful to the skill and effort of another group just cause they have beef with one of their members. Y'all can enjoy the competition and the drama but in the end, you better make it worthwhile to the group that pulled in 1st place through that mess... 

    Oh, also, people expect prizes if they win, so don't bitchout on them on your false promises... :y

    So, what have you experienced in ****** CBs?

    The constant memes and unseriousness from judges/teammates, the stupidly vague one word themes per round where you'll have make an elaborate story out of …

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