A sample of a cover song by Yamiku
『JenniYamiku』紅月 - アカツキ AKATSUKI - BABYMETAL【300+ subs】

『JenniYamiku』紅月 - アカツキ AKATSUKI - BABYMETAL【300+ subs】

Yamiku by ruri hinozu-d96po1q

Alias Yamiku
Also known as Jenni, JennyEVOLI, Yami
Gender Female
Origin France
Real name Jennifer
Birthday August 27
Status Active
Years active 2011-present
YT channel JennyEVOLI
Other activities Ocarina Player, Animator

Yamiku is a French YouTube singer who started singing in August 2011. 

She likes listening Rock and Metal songs but prefers singing slow, soft or lyrical ones. She actually sings in a choir in College.

Her Original Character has white long hair, red eyes and holds sometimes a saucepan.

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