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Welcome to Youtaite Wiki!


Welcome to the Wiki

Welcome to Youtaite Wiki! We’re a collaborative community website about Youtaites that anyone can edit- just click the edit button at the top of any page to get started. If you are a Youtaite and meet the Requirements, you can even make a page for yourself!

This wiki is designed to provide information about Youtaites and to help newer or overlooked Youtaites become recognized. Pages for well-known, as well as unknown Youtaites are welcome! Not to be confused with Utaite Wiki, which focuses on Utaites. Please remember to read the Tutorial and Requirements before you start editing.

The Unholy Quartet (from top left to bottom left: Jubyphonic, Kuraiinu, Anthong, and Rachie), a friend group of well-known Youtaites.

What are Youtaites?

The word "Youtaite" is a fusion of the words "Youtube" and "Utaite" (a Japanese term used to call cover singers and is used particularly in Nico Nico).

Youtaites are people who upload song covers, usually Vocaloid songs, Japanese songs and/or songs translated from Japanese, on Youtube. The community sprouted around the early 2000s and has grown to up to over a thousand members worldwide. Their projects may be solo or collaborative.

Youtaites are primarily active on Youtube, as the name would imply, though may in addition be found on Soundcloud, Nico Nico, and other websites of similar use. In short, Youtaites are Youtube utaites.

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