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Yoyo - by Muyullia
Yoyo - illustrated by Muyullia (Instagram artist)
Other aliases Yoyo Yolo, Tayo, Yangire-chan, 幽幽
Gender Female
Zodiac sign Libra
Origin China
Status Active
Years active 2016-present
YT channel

ʏᴏʏᴏ ʏᴏʟᴏ

Collab partner(s) Robyn Ardery, EiS
A sample of a cover song by Yoyo
"MY 舞☆TONIGHT", composed by EFFY, lyrics written by Hata Aki

Yoyo is a female YouTaite active since 2016. Yoyo's first cover on YouTube was "Safe and Sound", which was put on private before she became active in the YouTaite community. The oldest public video on her channel is her trio collaboration of "START:DASH!!", uploaded on May 21, 2016.

As a soprano, Yoyo's voice is high-pitched and somewhat child-like. Though more on the soft side, her voice can also be energetic and imitate that of a Japanese Idol. She mainly sings covers in Japanese, with a few exceptions that are in English or Mandarin Chinese. She has a slight Asian accent.  

Yoyo's character has brown eyes and medium to long purple hair tied up in twin tails or twin drills, her favorite hairstyle. She is between 5'6" and 5'7" in height and is often drawn in cute, school-girlish outfits. Her personality is described as "changeable, unstable, bi-polar and all-over-the-place" in her persona reference.  

Other than a singer, Yoyo is also an active collaborator and project organizer in the community. She was the member and creator of the trio cover group, ♥ハートのMelody∮ (haato no melody; disbanded in January 2018), and has participated in over 40 collaborations - though not all of them are included in her chorus playlist.   

Chorus BattlesEdit

  1. Member (animator only) of Myotosis (in GrandiOpere Battaglia, 2018)[1]
  2. Member and Leader of ♥ハートのMelody∮ (cover group and in Muse Trio Festival, 2017)[2]
  3. Member and Leader of ʜ✩sʜɪᴋᴜʐᴜ (in Ascension Chorus Battle, 2017)[3]
  4. Member and Leader of えと、☆ (in Desirable Chorus Battle, 2017)[4]
  5. Member and Leader of ¿IDK?*Shrug* (in Serendipity Chorus Battle, 2017)[5]
  6. Member of Camomille (in SUG.4R TV Chorus Battle, 2017)[6]
  7. Member of Mystery of Silence (in Bare Minimum Chorus Battle, 2017)[7]
  8. Member of CRYPTYC (in Nitrogen Chorus Battle)[8]
  9. Member of 12 Seasonal Dreams (in her first chorus battle: Event Chorus Battle, 2016)[9]


Yoyo - illustrated by Ikieons


  • One of her biggest pet-peeves is when her name is misspelled as "Yo-yo", "YoYo", or "Yo-Yo".
  • She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.
  • Her subscriber count is unseen on her YouTube channel, though it is understood that by the time it was hidden, she had at least 500 subscribers.
  • She is skilled in mixing, harmonizing, and animating.
  • Starting in 2018, Yoyo has occasionally showcased her digital artworks.
  • There are confusions over her age: her Twitter profile states that she was born in 1997, though some realize she may still be in high school as of 2018.
  • She relied on Apple earbuds for recording for over a year before she got her current microphone -- a Blue Yeti.
  • She is one of the mixers for the Love Live! English cover group, Lavender Springs.
  • "幽幽" is her Chinese alias (although many mistake it for "悠悠", which literally means "yo-yo" as in the toy). According to herself, the character "幽" is taken from the Chinese words "幽灵", which means "ghost", and "幽默", which means "humour".

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