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A sample of a cover song by ZeroQ,
Ayano's Happinese Theory
Photo0294 001 002

drawn by herself which she posted on her deviantART


ZeroQ (formerly known as Fuzen Kirai/FN09KI) is a YouTube singer. She is known for her slight husky voice after posting her cover Ayano's Happinese Theory on both youtube and Niconico. However the video on NicoNico was later deleted. She started posting short one-attempt-cover on SoundCloud under her new stage name, ZeroQ.

Romanji/Japanese ZeroQ/ゼロ九 (formerly

known as Fuzen Kirai)

'Also known' as

Gender Female
Origin Asia
Real name Prefers to be unknown
Born Prefers to be unknown
Status Barely Active
Years active 2013-present
YT channel

Fuzen Zerokyuu  (current)

NND Page unavailable to access
Other activities

drawing, mixing,

photographing, writing stories

List of Covered SongsEdit

  1. "Ayano's Happinese Theory(YT)"
  2. "LIE 谎 (chinese cover)"
  3. "Lost Story"
  4. "DRAMAtical Murder-Clear's Jellyfish song"
  5. "UNRAVEL-dj-Jo remix-MULTI VOICES"


  • She joined her school choir at the age of 13.
  • She loves astronomy.
  • Unlike most of the others Youtube singers or Utaites who use high quality microphones and programs for editing, she uses her iPad as her recording device and mixes plus editing them by using Audacity.
  • Because of school and lack of spare time, her activeness has drop, but she still tries her best to release songs.
  • She loves to post her live-singing cover on SoundCloud, making her active on that site.

External LinksEdit

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